Chemo, Round Two

Here we are again. I’m not sure who round one went to, but we start round two today. Lets do this! Thank you for allowing me to take you on this journey with us every step of the way. I realize our situation may bring back painful memories for some, but please know all of your support is needed and will never go unnoticed. I am on floor 5 West in room 571 at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for those who wish to visit. Thank you for everything and we love you all! 🙂 Keep praying for us!

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  1. Melissa Larkins says:

    Hi Ryan~
    I saw Linday Kelly(Ross) post on Facebook so I checked it out. I can’t remember if we had any classes at Athens but I wish you the best of luck with your round 2. From one Red Hawk to another “We Believe”

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