Consultation and CT Scan Results

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I hope and pray you are taking care of yourself and those around you, and spreading faith, joy, and happiness in this ever changing world. With just this cancer alone, we have been through a lung surgery in 2009, a cancer recurrence in March of this year, 8 rounds of chemo so far, and countless hours of anxiety, stress, and tears. However, we have also been through endless joyful, pleasant and exciting adventures. The thing I have realized, and what everyone should always think about, is everything does not happen at once. You take one day at a time. You enjoy what you have at the present moment, and you build your strength upon what you have learned in life so far. Nothing in life is easy, but you must know you always have a reason to fight. You must know that there are always people out there who love and care for you no matter what.

With that said, no scan day will ever be easy. I can describe the emotions, but it does not do it justice. Each scan day stops your life. It momentarily stops everything you are doing because you cannot possibly think about anything else. It quite literally consumes you. You know inside you are still alive, still breathing, and still enjoying life that same day, but it doesn’t matter. In my case, you work your butt off with so many different exhausting and grueling routines on a daily basis every 6 weeks to fight off chemo side effects, potentiate the chemo, aide your body in resting and recovering, researching your cancer and trying to enjoy your family and life. You do your best to adapt your routines into a normal life. The scan can deeply cut into your spirit, emotions, morale and drive if it brings back negative results.

However, it can greatly increase all of these things if it brings back positive results. Its a roller coaster. It’s a journey, but you learn to live with it. Everyone adjusts, and we get by. Again, it is just one day at a time, and you can never look back or think about the big picture of all the things you have been through. If you do that, it looks horrible and eats away at you. If you just look forward and enjoy the love and happiness in your life, you can make it through it. You can muster the courage, dedication, and strength to fight a long, hard fight. You can endure with a smile. It is not easy, and I could not do it alone.

I have an amazing amount of people who constantly surround me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God has granted me an amazing journey. I use “amazing” because of how the journey has unfolded so far. He never promised it would be easy, but He has promised to take care of us. I have a very long list of what some would call coincidences, but I consider divine intervention. From having a personal health care team always researching and traveling, to Logan being born between rounds 2 and 3 giving Andrea 4 months off, to the events on the retreat and the amount of support and prayers we get. Honestly, it’s too much to be coincidental.

We are truly blessed. We did not choose this path, but we are being taken care of. We are getting through it, and we could not be happier with what we are have been dealt. I love my life and everyone in it.

As for the results, we have been given another gift of great news! The main left hilar tumor has shrunk again. Furthermore, on a macroscopic level (what can be “seen” on the scan), there is no evidence of disease in the subcarinal lymph node. For our journey, this is excellent news. There is also no evidence of disease anywhere else in my body. This is also very excellent news. We have done very well so far on this journey, but we still have a very long way to go. There are many disclaimers for this positive news, but I will leave that for a different discussion because I do not want to take away from the joy, happiness, and blessings that were given to us today. I am not where I am today without all of you. God has blessed our team, and we have done very well in fighting this horrible disease.

Our plan is to continue with two more rounds of the current regimen and re-stage again after that. We are to remain on schedule with no breaks. Round 9 will begin on Monday, November 12. Our fight will continue for as long as God has intended. My wife is my rock and my strength. My sons give me more reasons to fight every second of every day. Thank you for loving us so much.

The cancer is still in me, but we are moving in the right direction. It’s an aggressive disease, but for the time being we are moving in a positive way. As always, you never know what is in store for you in life, but you do have control over what you do with the given day. Don’t waste it being angry. Don’t waste it holding grudges. Spend your time repairing lost relationships and letting those around you know how much you care. Thank you so much for your patience, love, understanding and words of hope and joy. My family is forever grateful for all of your support. I look forward to many more postings, many more days of good news, and many more friendships. Have a wonderful evening everyone! We truly love and care for each and everyone one of you.

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16 Responses to Consultation and CT Scan Results

  1. Donna Holmes says:

    Oh sweet Ryan, tears of joy are rolling down my face as I read this! I am so happy for you and Andrea. Showers of Blessings you received today. Thanks be to God! Live on those boys this evening, enjoy the rest of the week, rest for Monday and press on. I know you can! We will be donating to your team soon! What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. So excited to read this news. I got goose bumps. I found myself skimming forward to get to THE NEWS, and then shed some tears, and went back to read it in its entirety. You are truly amazing, and having been a part of your journey has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing this, and so much more with so many people. Celebrate! Rejoice! Smile, laugh, dance… jump up and down!! Cause that’s what I’m doing right now reading this.

  3. Ryan Vandenbussche says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. When I think of the little things that bother me in my everyday life it’s nothing compared to what you’re going through and I envy you for that! Thank you for the reminder to live one day at a time and just enjoy life. If there was ever a underdog story this is it! God bless and just keep fighting!

  4. Briones family says:

    God is Great! Amazing news! We really admire your strength, keep fighting, God is on your side.

  5. Kim says:

    WAHOO!!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!! Please, Father, continue to be with Ryan, Andrea, Landon, Logan, and ALL those overseeing his diagnosis! Please give them the wisdom they need in continuing in the right direction. Thank You Father for all the wonderful people You have placed in Ryan’s life to care for him and his family. What AMAZING LOVE! We ask for continued strength and perseverance for Ryan and all those around him. In Jesus’ Precious Name. AMEN!!

  6. Krissy says:

    Ryan and Family,

    This is such wonderful news!!!! Thank goodness!!! You are amazing! Keep up the fight and I am so incredibly happy that u can rest tonight knowing that u r heading in the right direction!!! You have made thousands of people smile with this news!!!
    All our love,
    Krissy, Josh, and Elliot

  7. Marelguij Briones says:

    Thank God for responding to our prayers! May he continue to be with you as you battle this sickness.
    Hugs to you, Andrea, Landon, and Logan!

  8. Ann Tibbe says:

    Congratulations Ryan! Always thinking of you.


  9. Renee Levasseur says:

    Oh Praise God for this excellent news. I know your battle is not over…but God is with you every step of the way. I pray for complete healing for you every night. Your outlook is such an inspiration to me and many others. I thank you for that. May God continue to Bless you and your wonderful family. I am over-joyed with your good news…but then God is on your side!
    (I’m Jan Davis’ sister – Lisa’s Aunt) – I know you get sooo many well-wishers.

  10. BL says:

    Whether it’s good news or bad news, I always look forward to reading your posts. You are so positive about everything and effusive in your thanks to all those around you who maybe just wish you well and say a daily prayer for you, Andrea, Landon and Logan. Today’s news is a gift from God to be savored by you as long as possible. It will carry you through the next round of chemo and possible side effects. Our God is an awesome God and he is definitely watching over you and your family. Thank you for being you. I am so thankful to have met you and Andrea. You help me put things in perspective daily. Take care! xxoo BL

  11. Deb Manning says:

    Tickled by the good news – Miracles CAN happen, and I hope you are one who proves it!

  12. Rachel Peters says:

    I’m at work when I read your posts…. everyone around me is rooting for you… i shared your story with a few co-workers because they see my tears at times, they hear me at my desk begging Jesus to please heal you and then when we get good news like this, they hear me praying with my thanks!… Thank you Jesus!!.. I agree with you and believe there has been a lot of divine intervention on your journey and not just coincidence… You may have saved that woman’s life that you met on the retreat.. the one who gave up hope because her doctors gave up on her… You inspire all of us Ryan… God Bless you!!

  13. A Mom in MI says:

    God bless you and your family. Keep fighting!

  14. Grandpa Humphrey and Grandma Humphrey says:


  15. Townsleys says:

    So glad to hear the good news! Keep up the great attitude!! Thanks for the reminder to live every day to the fullest! You are in our prayers!

  16. Rachel Peters says:

    Just thinking about you Ryan… God Bless <3

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