En Route to Houston

Here we go. Chicago tonight. Houston in the morning. Let’s get this over with, and figure out what we are up against.

The hardest part this evening and about this current trip is how absolutely excited Landon and Logan are to ride on an airplane and to go Houston. Why cant this be a vacation? It breaks my heart to think about the real reason, but at the same time, their smiles and laughter truly are contagious. I am so glad my beautiful bride and amazing children are coming with me. And very happy our “nanny” Grandma Moore is coming too.

Please pray for many different things. Please pray the brain lesion hasn’t grown (it would be a miracle if it was gone). Pray for comfort and peace of mind. Please pray the MRI doesn’t turn up anything new. Please pray the short interval PET scan in a few weeks shows nothing remarkable. Please pray for God’s love, mercy and healing hand.

Life doesn’t stop so I shall not stop living it. Going to the zoo tomorrow in between blood draw and IV placement.

We love you all, so very much.

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  1. Leann Kirkendall says:

    Thank you for listing all of your prayer requests. That is good. I prayed for all of them
    and for all of you, even Nanny, my friend. That is wonderful that all of you were able to
    go. I know that feeling about life going on. It’s difficult to believe. I well remember
    when our son was hit by an 18 wheeler truck while riding his bicycle. The next morning
    we were eating in a fast food place, and as I looked out at the traffic, it seemed so
    incredible to me that not one soul seemed bothered by the situation. That is why it is
    good to have this, a way to let you know people are sharing words of comfort. They are
    caring and praying.
    Love you guys,

  2. Renee Levasseur says:


  3. Rachel Peters says:

    You are truly amazing!.. As always I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

  4. We are The Wire , God Is The Current . Our Only Power Is To Let The Current Pass Through Us ………..Carlo Carretto

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