Still Waiting for Results

Good evening! We have nothing to report, but I didn’t want to think we were withholding anything from you. We are in this together, and I will always respect your support whether I have great or horrible news. If it’s bad, I may be short in my response, but nevertheless we will move forward together.

Long story short, we had the CT scan done at the University of Michigan Hospital. It was done unorthodox as far as my re-staging scans go. It was ordered by our surgeon there and not by an oncologist. This means several things. For one, I had to remind them it wasn’t just a surgical standpoint scan. It was in fact my 3 month re-staging scan so I had to make sure I was scanned above my jaw down to my mid-thigh to determine disease status. Second, since the surgeon ordered the scan, we don’t believe it was ordered as STAT priority. It may have been read by the radiologist, but the results weren’t released by the time normal office hours were done. Lastly, the scan was not done at Sparrow. My oncologist at Sparrow, Dr. Rapson, is very efficient in obtaining results. She physically sits with the radiologist and views the CT alongside them. She then calls me anytime of day to discuss the results. She is a wonderful doctor, but so is our surgeon. I cannot fault the thoracic surgeon because it is not his area of expertise.

Honestly, I am exhausted, and I am a little on the down side from side effects right now. I’ll welcome a night off from news, good or bad. I’ll take it as a blessing to give me a night to relax, regroup, and face tomorrow.

As for tomorrow, we have an appointment with Dr. Ravi at 8am CT. He is an angiosarcoma specialist who conducts many clinical trials. The next appointment is with Dr. Swisher. He is a thoracic surgeon who comes very highly recommended. We will update when we know more. Thank you for being by my side. Have a wonderful evening everyone.

Please continue to pray for us. Continue to pray for God’s healing hands and for protection over all of our lives; not only for myself, but for your daily struggles. We are all blessed to be able to love, live, and laugh with each other. Through each other, we can get through anything. 🙂

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2 Responses to Still Waiting for Results

  1. Leann says:

    I am still praying. My husband is praying. I have given your name to others, so
    I hope they are praying, too!

    The leaves are a beautiful golden color in the CO Rockies. We thank God for
    his beautiful display of color!

  2. Rachel Peters says:

    Prayers are going up!!! Have a blessed day Ryan, and stay strong <3

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