Thanksgiving: A Lot to be Thankful For

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It is a beautiful day.  Enjoy every second no matter where your walk takes you today.  If you are working, thank you for doing what you do.  If you are traveling, please be safe, careful, and patient.  There are many people at the other end of your travels that very much want to see you safe and sound.

To be thankful for us is a very loaded question this year; more so then in previous years.  There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t count my blessings.  First and foremost, I am thankful to be alive.  I am thankful God has granted me mercy thus far to make it to Thanksgiving and healthy all things considered.  I am thankful my tumors have yet to spread and have shown response to chemotherapy.  Nine rounds of chemo is a tremendous amount of attack on my body, but I am thankful, to this very morning, I am able to get a good night sleep, run/walk, do yoga, eat healthy, and lead a very fulfilling life.

I am extremely thankful for all of you in my life; for the blessings, the prayers, support, generosity, messages, notes, cards, and the countless other avenues of love and affection you have bestowed upon my entire family.  I am very excited for the many friendships that have been brought back into my life.  Friends I haven’t heard from in years, but our current conversations are full of joy, love, and the promise of a very bright and uplifting future.

I am grateful for the amount of love of life you all portray on a daily basis.  It gives me hope and happiness that no matter how this journey ends for my body that you give promise to a world full of gratitude, patience, love, and kindness for my wife and beautiful boys to grow up in.  It gives me great pleasure knowing this world has hope still; that despite everything going on around us on a daily basis, everything that is thrown in our face, we are able to enjoy the little things as we did as children.  We are able to see the beauty of the world as it is intended.  Thank you!

I am forever grateful for the angel God has granted me as a spouse.  She is amazing and knows no bounds.  She does everything with a smile, and I know her job is much more difficult than mine.  She does it.  She does it for me, our boys, our lives, and all out of love.  She carries on life with the same beautiful outlook as when we first met.  Her persona, charisma, beauty, patience, and love has grown by leaps and bounds, and she is still the beautiful and intelligent woman I fell in love with.  My life was forever changed the day I first saw her.  She completes my entire being, and I would not be here if it weren’t for her love.  To say I want to grow old with her and watch our children grow to be men is an understatement, but I could pass on as a very fulfilled and happy man.  She has given me a life full of life, strength, and love that many never witness.  My promise to her is to fight my very hardest to the very end (whenever that may be) in the hopes of returning the amount of respect, strength, and love she has shown me.  This fight is not over; not for a long shot, but it is important for me to convey the message of thank you a million times over to my beautiful wife for the life she has given her family.  I love you sweetheart!

Lastly, I am thankful for being in the correct state, both physically and mentally, at the time of Logan’s birth between rounds two and three of chemo.  I was blessed enough to watch my second son being born; an indescribable miracle!  It has been an adventure and true pleasure watching my sons grow out of love.

We all have different walks in this life.  I would never say my life is harder than yours, or some people are just lucky.  We all have our obstacles, journeys, and hardships.  Never discount your troubles as mundane or minuscule compared to another’s life.  In all honesty, don’t compare your life.  It is your life, but live each day as it is your last.  Thanksgiving should not be a one day event.  We all know that.  There is too much in one year to be thankful for.  It should be only a reminder, or summary, of your life and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.  This year was unique for us.  It has been filled with a roller-coaster of emotions, but we are all the better for it.  We have loved, lived, cried, laughed, and learned so much.  Life is what you make of it.  Be kind.  Be patient.  Remember to always be thankful for something.  There is always a rose among the thorns.  Have a very happy Thanksgiving!  We truly love you all very much.  It is an honor and privilege to call you family.  Thank you!

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