The Weeks Ahead….

Good morning, and a very happy Wednesday to all of you! I hope and pray your lives are what you dreamt they would be. Despite what tries to derail your happiness, I hope the people you surround yourself with have the capability and dedication to pick you up when you are down and help you rise above any obstacle.

I am truly and sincerely sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of months. It boils down to fatigue and being overwhelmed with life. It takes a lot out of me to post here, but I promise I will pick it up again soon. Below, I have posted what I shared on Facebook this past chemo Monday.

First, for those who just want to know the details, we have a very busy week of scans, consultations, and traveling. In fact, I am writing this as my mother and I are enroute to Houston. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as you always have. Stress and anxiety are in full force, but I pray Gods plan is one in which I have the ability to live and grow with my family.

Here is the schedule:

Wednesday, September 25 – MD Anderson in Houston
1300 – Integrative Medicine assessment
1330 – Integrative Medicine – Dr. Lopez
1600 – CT checkin and prep
1800 – CT Scan

Thursday, September 26 – MD Anderson in Houston
1130 – Dr. Ravi

Friday, September 27 – MD Anderson in Houston
1000 – Dr. Hutcheson – Scope

Tuesday, October 1 – Memorial Sloan-Kettering in NYC
1100 – Dr. Tap
1300 – Integrative Medicine – Dr. Deng

Wednesday, October 2 – Mayo in Rochester
0715 – Integrative Medicine – Dr. Lundstrom
1315 – Dr. Okuno

As you have always done so selflessly and without hesitation, please keep my family and me in your prayers. We need it, especially during scan week. I love you all!

And here is the rest of my post on Facebook:

We are all here for a very short time. Please make the best of it. Personally, I don’t believe there are accidents in life. I do believe everything happens for a reason, but sometimes what happens is a life changing experience. Sometime we have to dig deep to move forward because a very large part of our hearts have become an angel looking after us or a circumstance has rendered us with a disability of any sort. We will never fully understand why things happen, but we can help each other get through it. We may never get over it, but we can learn from it. Love your neighbor as you would yourself. It’s amazing the stark contrast between how the media depicts the world compared to what we experience every day.

This world is worth fighting for. The random acts of kindness and the selfless acts of humanity I have witnessed in just a year are inspirational, humbling, and full of hope. Thank you for being you, and showing everybody how beautiful life is. Life is fragile. Take care of it.

Monday, September 23, was my 37th round of chemo total and round 25 of Taxol. We have a very big and important two weeks ahead of us; filled with my scan and many consultations. We go to Houston Wednesday-Friday (Sept 25-27). For once, stopping chemo is an option if the scans show NED. It’s a very scary thought, but one we have fought so very hard for. Please pray for wonderful results. Please pray for peace of mind and the courage to make the right decisions going forward, no matter the results of the scan.

Furthermore, we go to NYC on Tuesday (Oct 1) to consult with physicians at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and leave for Rochester, MN that same day. We have consultations at Mayo clinic the very next day, Wednesday. On the agenda: consultations with integrative medicine to talk a naturalistic/holistic aspect of treatment. I feel us doing nothing after halting chemo is not in any of our best interests. This is a lifelong battle, I hope. I need to do everything I possibly can to rid my body of this nasty disease. We have a lot of decisions to make not only about treatment, but about life moving forward. I am blessed to have survived this long, but the journey isn’t any easier. There is, unfortunately, just as much uncertainty in surviving as there is in deciding how to medically kill cancer and the journey of treatments. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as you always have.

Have an amazing and beautiful day. It’s days like today that I truly miss flying in the great blue yonder. I would do anything, almost, to have the ability to rent an airplane and fly up the coast of Michigan today! It will happen again. On that same note, and my fellow aviators will appreciate this notion, I renewed my flight instructor license today. This is one thing I will not let go of! Next up, barring wonderful scans, working on getting my aviation medical back!!

Thank you for loving, caring, and praying for us often. We love you all.


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4 Responses to The Weeks Ahead….

  1. Leann says:

    You are still on my prayer list, at the very top of the list! I try to pray for you at least
    twice a day.

    Thank you so very much letting us know what is going on with your treatment.

    God bless you and yours,

  2. Rachel Peters says:

    AMEN!!.. Prayers for NED today!!…

  3. philip kopiczko says:

    Dear Ryan , Keep up the good fight , you Inspire me not to worry about my trivial trial and situations I come apon on a daily basis.God Bless ! Philip kopiczko

  4. Renee Levasseur says:

    Pray for you every night. You are amazing. God has a plan for all our lives. I truly believe you have helped to “save” many people because of your strong faith. You have preached God’s word through all of this. God’s Blessings on You and Your Family.

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